Our 360 digital approach
powered by AI

SPEARHEAD is working to slow down antibiotic resistance through the development of a novel risk prediction model and rapid diagnostics for doctors that allow personalized care, while also engaging patients and citizens for better treatment outcomes.


Focusing on Urinary Tract Infection, Spearhead aims to equip doctors, citizens and healthcare budget-holders with modern tools to fight AMR.



  • A risk prediction model powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, coupled with a real-time alert system to allow data-driven decision making in treatment selection

  • Rapid diagnostics that can leapfrog a centralized laboratory infrastructure


Patients & Citizens

  • Enhance understanding and awareness of antibiotic proper use and resistance by leveraging engaging channels such as social media and co-creating innovative digital formats with citizens and patients


Healthcare budget-holders

  • Provide a cost-effective model to healthcare budget holders to slow down the antibiotic resistance

Urinary Tract Infection

A 360 digital approach to tackle AMR

From prevention to stewardship


A data-driven solution to support optimal use of antibiotics

Machine Learning

Risk prediction model learned on data

Data sources

Hospitals/institutions grant access to their data

Web interface

User-friendly access to risk prediction model