Spearhead aims to tackle the silent pandemic of antimicrobial resistance with a unique multidisciplinary research-based digital solutions and patient-centric approach that addresses stewardship and prevention.

With Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) on an upward curve and the clinical pipeline for new antibiotics drying up, the current outlook is a bleak one, with doctors and patients losing ground in the fight against AMR. For this reason, antimicrobial stewardship is of the utmost importance and a critical part of AMR strategies as it targets behaviour change in both the prescription and uptake of antibiotics for better clinical outcomes.

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Our Response to address the silent pandemic

With our SPEARHEAD solutions, our goal is to reduce the burden to society of antibiotic resistance and improve treatment efficacy as well as compliance.

Improve efficacy of the antibiotic treatment
Empower patients by raising awareness and improve treatment compliance
Reduce unnecessary costs
Slow down the antibiotic resistance

Empiric treatment with broader-spectrum agents. Probability of ineffective or unneeded therapy inducing AMR

Lack of awareness from patients and citizens

Unnecessary costs

Lack of data in AMR


Rapidly get the right drug to the right patient

Better patient adherence to the antibiotic treatment

Slow down the resistance, preserve the treatment option

Reduce costs – decide on whom we should send the sample analysis / better target the diagnostics

Better understanding of the antibiotic choice and outcomes (data)

Resilient society

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities of healthcare systems worldwide, but it also showcased a remarkable ability to adapt and respond.

By utilizing Point of Care (POC) technologies and leveraging big data, we aim to create a blueprint for a more robust and resilient society. Our solutions not only address the problem of AMR, but they can also be applied to future health challenges.